When will today be reopened? ASD

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When will today be reopened? ASD

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When will today be reopened? ASD

When will today be reopened?

Gongmenkoudongcha 29 (Baitasi)

Opening: Thursday July 26, 7-10pm

Exhibition until August 5

How do you handle a memory? Is it soft and fragile like a baby? Or oily and hot like melted butter? Does it burn your fingertips or scar the lines in your palms? When will today be reopened? explores physical interactions with memories of our own and of others.

Gathering family photos from Ontario, New Jersey, New York, and Sussex drew us into the gaps within and between our varied experiences as 华裔 and the known and unknown stories of past generations. How does holding individual, shared, and secondhand memories generate both anonymity and intimacy?

The presence of these photos on windows that will soon be bricked over collides nostalgic reflection with violent impermanence. A photo album reveals new information even while it taunts you with what is left unsaid, vivid fragments drifting without the connective tissue of lived experience.

“The image speaks to us, and seems to speak intimately to us of ourselves. But the term ‘intimately’ does not suffice. Let us say rather that the image intimately designates the level where personal intimacy is destroyed and that it indicates in this movement the menacing proximity of a vague and empty outside, the deep, the sordid basis upon which it continues to affirm things in their disappearance.” Two Versions of the Imaginary, Maurice Blanchot

The opening for the When will today be reopened? window installation is this Thursday, 7.26.2018 7-10PM. Join us!

Sponge Gourd Collective 丝瓜集团 is a loofah for the future, a squad of green goons, a slimy surprise. We investigate urban transformation to explore Chinese futurities. With backgrounds in visual art, photography, anthropology, community organizing, film, and literature, we develop multimedia projects that broaden popular conceptions of China, to leave more room for the blurry spaces in between.

With the support of Beijing22, we are working on The Harmonious Commute 《跳出北京看北京》, an ongoing project investigating the high-speed rail as the literal and symbolic connecting feature of the Jing-Jin-Ji megaregion.

We will be at ii space for the rest of the summer and presenting work from The Harmonious Commute 《跳出北京看北京 》 in August -- stay thirsty!

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