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Two research grants for Beijing22 are given out to Beijing-based researchers, artists, curators, humanists and architects a.o.

Open Call 2019 application open until May 12, 2019


Beijing22 is an open, independent, long-term curatorial project, which will investigate the dynamics of Beijing’s urban space in the five years preceding the Olympic Games in 2022.

Talk @ Goethe Institute December 15th, 4 pm

A Day in the Outer Ring

Nothing Ever Happens Here «这里很无聊» and Lunar Palpitations «月食心慌» are video works comprising footage from a research trip taken in March 2018 to explore the areas surrounding new and proposed HSR stations.

When will today be reopened?

A summer window installation in ii space by Sponge Gourd Collective.

B22-Talks #2: Science Fiction

(In)visible City: Interactions of Science Fiction and Urban Planning Beijing22 Talk #2 Goethe Institut 06/09/2018, 14:00 - 16:30


Aiming for Ideal Life – Barbara Signer, Michael Boden­mann and Jiajia Zhang

Barbara Signer, Michael Bodenmann and Jiajia Zhang spend four weeks in a space that pretends to be an apartment and arrange, re-arrange, share, seek, find, collect, deconstruct, dream, clean, talk and process along their paths of making a temporary home. Within the sharing-economy, questions of possession and community regain importance and offer alternative concepts of living.


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Fantastic Grounds

By Jiu Jiu: Architectural renders form the cornerstone of public communication in contemporary architecture.


Wearing the Fog

Wearing the fog is a double-screen video installation with a non-linear narrative structure. It centers around the coldness of the industrial world and the indifference of a family.


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Hey, what time is it in Beijing again?

Scenic Tunnel

Starting from a system translating the imaginaries of urban mapping into human forms, each single subway stop of Beijing becomes its own movement.


Beijing’s Hutong in Transition: A Story of Bread and Bricks

By Jo Darrington

Inside they were packing. Boxes and instruments lay strewn everywhere. “Why?” I asked. They had to leave this place. Tomorrow it would happen. Victims were to be their big glass windows, the glass door, the second floor and the rooftop lovingly decked for BBQs and jamming sessions. He took us up there. “Take a picture of me,” he asked. “To document this moment.”


Uncut Talks: Alternative Spaces Under Pressure

In collaboration with Beijing22 and IAS Beijing UNCUT Talks has been recording the recent changes due to urban development in the art scene.


Independent Art Spaces 2017

The curatorial premise for the 3rd Independent Art Spaces is part feeling, part idea: Periods of change hold distinctive creative potential.


Ute Adamczewski

video artist and filmmaker from Germany


Casting Haze, Base

Casting Haze, Base – lecture performance and installation by Katrin Hornek


B22-Talks #1: Peripheries